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      -  The Sisterhood

    The Sisterhood

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    When it comes to wellness, people often think of eating well, working out, sleeping well, and drinking enough water. Don’t get us wrong, these are very important pillars of well-being. The part that often gets overlooked is the support system that is needed during that journey. The journey towards becoming healthier is often made alone. In a world where individualism is often promoted, and even praised, doing things in a community is often overlooked and even underestimated. Here at FitQueens, we want to do things differently – we want our focus to be a sisterhood. But what does sisterhood mean?

    Sisterhood is about real connection, not feeling alone, and having a safety net. With our sisterhood we want you to feel supported and motivated during your journey by being able to share your story and struggles with fellow like-minded queens. You are way more than just a contract number who books a class, pays, and works out. We want you to be seen, heard, and cherished as the queen that you are. Our sisterhood doesn’t end with working out and eating healthy. We want to take things further than that.

    What to expect


    We are working hard on building an online community – hosted by a private community software – where we will be able to share more than only fitness and nutrition. In this private online community, you will be able to get access to exclusive content that will not be shared on Facebook or Instagram. Through our content – e.g., blog posts, book clubs, live sessions, e-courses, events & workshops – we will be able to talk about all things related to wellness and well-being. Meaning that if you don’t want to join our fitness memberships, you will still be able to make real connections through our sisterhood.

    What do you mean by all things related to wellness?

    Wellness doesn’t end with eating healthy and regular work out. Through our community, we will focus on all pillars of wellness

    • Physical Wellness
    • Emotional Wellness
    • Intellectual Wellness
    • Spiritual Wellness
    • Social Wellness
    • Environmental Wellness
    • Occupational Wellness

    So think of it this way. The community will consist of different sub-groups, each of them having a subject. You get to join whatever subgroup you are more interested in and you will get to share your opinions on the matter. Subjects can vary from a book club, thrifting events, live streaming fitness, plant moms, foodies, women’s right in the workplace, or a boss group where we get to talk about business and much more. All great subjects & activities – which in our point of view are all related to wellness – under one online roof.

    The power of working together

    The best part of this project is that it will only be possible if we work together. Meaning that many queens will have an extra income, be in the spotlight, and be noticed in their field. We want all women to thrive and discover their full potential by doing what they love.

    As you can see we are thinking BIG! No more small thinking (even though it feels scary). As we will be working with many partners. it will take some time for us to get this project done properly. We want to work with amazing queens, be consistent in our content sharing and have a great action plan. This project might take some time, but rest assured, it will be awesome.

    Even though we are still preparing to launch, it seemed important for you to know what we are working on. For now, you can join our live/online fitness, join our workshops & events, or join us on Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram.

    We’ll see you all soon in our brand new online community!

    do you know someone we can work with?

    We love to get to know more queens and discover new ways to work together. If you are a blogger/writer interested in different subjects about wellness, please don't hesitate to contact us.