In a world where individualism is taking over, we as a community want to go towards collectivism. It is important to us to bond and be a community that can depend on each other. That is why we have a food & fun day at FQ House every 3 months. The whole FQ sisterhood and their families are invited to celebrate health, life and good company. We try to make it fun so we set a theme, we bring food and we have fun together. This time it was the 60’s era and we had a really good time. We also took the opportunity to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. We still can not believe how fast time goes. The last 5 years have been full of challenges and obstacles but also a lot of growth, self awareness, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and a LOT of patience. We wouldn’t have wanted it any different.



There has also been growth in the way we do things concerning environmental waste. We have been trying to go as low waste as possible during our parties. Even though we still haven’t reach the zero in zero waste, we are doing our best to reduce waste. This time we did not have any plastic. (no straws or cups or plates) Everything was made out of glass and most people brought food in reusable containers too. We normally have around 4-5 bags of garbage at the end of each party. This time we only had 1 1/2. Empty glass bottles are being re-used for some cool diy’s and empty plastic bottles were sent to the recycle station. We are thinking of buying as many drinks from glass bottles so that we can reduce waste even more. We are growing step by step.

We also didn’t have any balloons or confetti (Things we used to do). We went for minimal & re-usable decor made of paper or. The peace banner was made of polyester but we will definitely use it for other parties and/or diy’s. We are growing step by step.



It is important to understand that food is not the enemy and that it should be enjoyed and shared with your loved ones! Yes you can be healthy and yes you are allowed to enjoy food! There is nothing wrong with that. That is why the center of the party is bringing food, eating together, being thankful and enjoying.



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