Article 1. Definitions
1.1 Fit Queen:The organization; located at Ammunitiehaven 351, 2511 XL, The Hague; registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 61243051, also referred to as “contractor”.
1.2 Establishment: location of services; Ammunitiehaven 351, 2511 XL, The Hague
1.3 Member:A natural person using Fit Queen services.
1.4 Contract:The agreement between Fit Queen and member.
1.5 Membership:Status of a natural person after registration to Fit Queen.
1.6 Services: The services and activities Fit Queen provides to the member.
1.7 Fit Queen Personal Training: The “Personal Training” service that Fit Queen offers.
1.8 Instructor:A natural person who guides the member during Personal Training or group classes.
1.9 Group classes:Provision of services in groups led by one or more instructors.
1.10 Anamnesis form:A medical form stating the member’s medical history.
1.11 Force majeure:A non-imputable shortcoming resulting in which case a reasonable fulfilment of the agreement cannot be required.

Article 2. Applicability
2.1 These general terms and conditions are applicable to all services and activities Fit Queen offers.
2.2. These general terms and conditions are applicable from the moment of registration to Fit Queen.
2.3 By registering, the member agrees upon these general terms and conditions and house rules of Fit Queen. The member thereby declares to comply to these conditions and rules.
2.4 The Dutch law is exclusively applicable to these general terms and conditions and any agreement concluded by Fit Queen.

Article 3. Risk and Liability
3.1 Any use of Fit Queen services is at the member’s own risk.
3.2 The member is recommended to consult a licensed medical practitioner prior to the use of any Fit Queen services.
3.3 The implementation of services by Fit Queens requires commitment, however Fit Queen is not liable for unachieved results.
3.4 Fit Queen assumes no liability for any damage, loss or theft of a member’s property.
3.5 Fit Queen is not liable for any injury suffered by a member due to incorrect and/or incomplete information provided concerning the member’s health.
3.6 Fit Queen is not liable for any injury suffered due to unreported pain(s), unease, anomalous fatigue and/or changes in physical fitness before, during and after the use of service.

Article 4. Membership
4.1 Registration takes place through an application form at the establishment of Fit Queen.
4.2 The minimum age required is eighteen years old in order to register as a member to Fit Queen.
4.3 A membership is entered into for a minimum period of 3 months and can be cancelled monthly after this period of time.
4.4 A membership is personal and can only be used by the person registered. A membership is non-transferable, unless granted in a written consent by Fit Queen.
4.5 The intermediate downgrading of the membership by a member is only possible with a one-month prior notice.
4.6 A member can upgrade their membership at any time. The cost differential is due within five business days by payment of bank transfer to the account number NL70INGB0006600386 in the name of Fit Queen Den Haag.

Article 5. Business Hours
5.1 Fit Queen determines the business hours of the establishment and is entitled to temporarily or permanently amend the business hours.
5.2 Fit Queen is entitled to fully close the establishment on public holidays wholly or in part.
5.3 Fit Queen is entitled to close the establishment temporarily for repairs and/or maintenance.
5.4 A member is not eligible to any restitution of membership fees when the establishment is closed for repairs or maintenance, unless the establishment is closed for a period of time longer than 14 days.

Article 6. Payment Terms
6.1 Payments to Fit Queen are due before each first of the month to the account number NL70INGB0006600386 in the name of Fit Queen Den Haag. By mentioning the first name, surname and date of birth in the payment statement.
6.2 All amounts due are prepayments and claimable as such.
6.3 A member is not eligible to restitution of membership fees in the event that the member does not utilize their membership to Fit Queen.
6.4 The statutory VAT rate of 21% applies to all Fit Queen services. All prices are including VAT.
6.5 Fit Queen is entitled to apply a modification in rates annually with a maximum of 5%.
6.6 In the event that a due payment is outstanding, Fit Queen is entitled to the refusal of access to services and/or activities to a member, until the payment has been fulfilled.
6.7 In the event that a due payment is outstanding, collection costs will be charged after a member has been given a notice of default. In that case Fit Queen has the right to refer the total collectible amount to a third party for collection.
6.8 Fit Queen is entitled to dissolve the agreement without an obligation of indemnity in case of non-performance of the member, in which the member partially or fully refrains from commitments of the agreement.

Article 7. Personal Data
7.1 Fit Queen processes personal data in accordance to the rules and regulations applicable in relation to the protection of privacy, the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act in particular.
7.2 Fit Queen processes the data for the following purposes: billing, debtor administration, dispute settlement, fraud monitoring, complaint handling, commercial purposes with regard to activities and purposes of Fit Queen.
7.3 Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes, unless the member has given consent to.
7.4 Adjustments regarding personal data are to be relayed to Fit Queen as soon as possible.
7.5 Further information concerning the processing of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Statement.

  • Article 8. Class cards and other class packages
    8.1 The member can buy group classes, among other things, through the purchase of a class card.
    8.2 All class cards or packages are non-transferableand can only be used by the person it was issued to.
    8.3 Restitutions are not issued after purchase of a class card
  • 8.4 Group fitness class cards expires 4 months after purchase
  • 8.5 Personal Training or other class card packages expire 6 months after purchase
  • 8.6 Gift cards will expire 12 months after purchase
  • 8.7 Class cards / Gift Cards are one-time purchase. The termination policy in article 13 is not applicable for one-time purchases

Article 9. Group classes
9.1 Fit Queen is entitled to adapt, adjust or cancel group classes and/or the scheduled times thereof.
9.3 These adaptations, adjustments or cancellations do not merit a restitution of membership fees.
9.4 In the event that a group class is cancelled, the member has to be informed by Fit Queen in a timely manner.

Article 10. Personal Training
10.1 The member agrees to starting with the Fit Queen Personal Training afterthe anamnesis form is received.
10.2 Unless agreed upon otherwise, the payment for Personal Training has to be prepaid by transferring the amount due to the account number NL70INGB0006600386 in the name of Fit Queen Den Haag.
10.3 If Fit Queen cannot proceed their service for a longer period of time due to force majeure, a suitable solution will be offered. In the event that this is not reasonably possible, Fit Queen is not obliged to honor the agreement and the agreement will be dissolved. Prepayments will be restituted.
10.4 The contractor has the authority to suspend obligations of the agreement for the duration of the force majeure.
10.5 Force majeure events can refer to the following: technical malfunctions, unusual weather conditions, illness of staff and auxiliary personnel, insurgency, a strike, fire, water damage, nuisance, a flood and restrictive government measures. This list is not exhaustive nor limitative.
10.6 On general public holidays activities will be moved to another day.

  • Article 11. Studio Rental
  • 11.1 Hours are pre-purchased in sets of 10 or 20
  • 11.2 Rates are €300 per 10 classes and €500 per 20 classes (VAT/BTW included)
  • 11.3 Lease packages expire 90 days from purchase
  • 11.4 Instructors / Trainers must obtain / maintain individual liability insurance, appropriate certifications and CPR certification
  • 11.5 Instructors / Trainers must sign terms and conditions for studio rental and fulfil complete payment before using the studio
  • 11.6 You can do one or one training, a small group personal training or a group class (max 8) for the same prices mentioned above
  • 11.7 You and your client(s) will be the only ones using the studio. No extra trainers.
  • 11.8 Studio rental for parties: reservations must be done with a minimum of 1 month prior the event
  • 11.9 Your date and time of choice will be reserved after completion of payment and signing of our terms and condition for studio rental

Article 12. Intellectual Property
11.1 As is already covered by the general terms and conditions without prejudice, Fit Queen also reserves the right and authorization they are entitled to based on the Copyright Law. Models, Methodologies and Instruments that are developed and/or applied by Fit Queen for the implementation of the assignment are and remain property of Fit Queen.
11.2 Publications or any other form of disclosure thereof, is only possible with written consent of Fit Queen.
11.3 All material provided by Fit Queen, such as reports, advice, workout and nutritional plans, assignments, designs, sketches, drawings, software etc., on behalf of Fit Queen are exclusively to be reproduced by Fit Queen for their own use within the organization.
11.4 All material provided by a member are not to be disclosed by Fit Queen without prior approval by the member, or to be notified to third parties under penalty of misuse of intellectual property of the member.

  • Article 13. Termination
    12.1 The membership can be terminated monthly after a minimum period of three months with a one-month notice period.
    12.2 Termination shall be effected in writing by email or by submitting a written request at the establishment of Fit Queen.
    12.3 It is not possible to retroactively cancel the membership agreement.
  • 12.4 This article is only applicable for memberships. See class cards
  • Article 14. Dissolution
    13.1 Fit Queen has the right of refusal to access of activities/services and to dissolve the agreement effective immediately in case of non-performance, serious and repeated breaches of house rules and/or the general terms and conditions, or other proved unacceptable behavior. At the determination of Fit Queen exclusively.

Article 15. Complaints
14.1 In the event of complaints regarding Fit Queen, you can contact the employees or submit a written complaint to customerservice@fitqueens.nl

Article 16. Disputes
15.1 In case an agreement is made with a party established located abroad, the agreement between Fit Queen and member is also subject to the general terms and conditions exclusively applicable to the Dutch law.
15.2 In the case of a dispute between parties, it will be attempted to be solved through mutual agreement.
15.3 If a mutual agreement cannot be met, the parties will present their dispute to a competent district court where Fit Queen is established, unless the imperative law orders otherwise.


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