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Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder

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Alfalfa also known as alfalfa has many nutrients, including proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

The plant has calcium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon and magnesium, carbohydrates, proteins, and many other finer substances. The wealth of mineral substances is phenomenal compared to most other garden plants. It has a mineral richness that is still high even compared to non-manipulated plants – wild vegetables.

It is also known to detoxify the urinary tract, purify the blood and liver, and has been shown to lower cholesterol levels. It is high in chlorophyll, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, especially calcium and iron. Alfalfa leaf has a strong alkalising effect on the system, which is important in keeping the body free from harmful pathogens that thrive in acid conditions.

Content: 150 Grams
Land of origin: Europe
Ingredients: Alfalfa Leaf Powder
Application: As a powder. Can be used in for example smoothies, yogurt, food dishes, and warm milk
Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.
Portion / Portion per package: 10 Grams (1 tbsp) – 15 


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