Due to COVID-19, some people still have to work from home till September. We love being able to help you stick to your workout routine, that is why we will continue with our online classes. Join our daily live online Skype workouts. Together as a sisterhood we motivate and encourage each other, talk a little about our day and work out like never before.

Why Skype? Well, unlike live Facebook videos or pre-taped workout videos, with online Skype training your trainer will know if you’re doing something wrong. We can also keep encouraging you if you want to quit and the best part is that we can all see each other and encourage each other! All classes are max 45 minutes and we take a max of 15 participants each time.

Our trainings are with minimal equipment. Using training methods such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Cardio), body weight movements and plyometrics, we can have a varied and engaging fitness session. A few things are important though, such as a fitness mat, sweat towel, suitable shoes and clothing, a bottle of water, a Skype ready device, enough space to lay down on the floor or jump without touching any furniture, ceiling height enough to reach up without touching and a proper distance from the Skype camera so that you can see your feet and your head.

We will be sharing a new link each day in the sisterhood app so you can join our Skype online training. Don’t be fooled by the word “online”. Just because your coach isn’t physically there with you during your workouts that does not mean that you won’t get the same benefits and results as a face-to-face workout. If you are curious, why not get in touch with us? Feel free to contact us 😉 We can’t wait to see you!



19:00 Function workout (Bodyweight Training Edition)



19:00 Latin Dance Cardio

20:30 Total Body Workout



20:00  Glutes Legs and Thighs



19:00 Stretch



20:00 Cardio


Trial class: ALWAYS ON US

Single class: €6,50

5 Classes card: €25

10 classes card: €47,50

Unlimited Classes Membership: €35 per month



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