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Nutrition for women

Most of us women live out of sync with our brain and body chemistry meaning that we don’t eat in a pro-hormonal way that gives our endocrine system the building blocks it needs to keep our hormones balanced. Most of the one-size-fits-all nutrition advice we as women get, is designed primarily for the male hormonal ecosystem without taking our hormonal fluctuations and our 28-day period cycles into consideration. We have a holistic approach to nutrition that you can approach for prevention, in case of health problems, or for weight loss.


Health problems
In the case of complaints such as fatigue, stress, painful periods, intestinal problems, or depression, the added value of a good diet is often underexposed or even overlooked. What you eat affects all levels; physically and mentally. If things go structurally wrong with digestion, chances are that things also will go wrong in other places in your body. And it’s not just limited to what you eat. Feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, or concern that you do not express or process sufficiently, can cause overloaded organs and eventually cause illness. Due to upbringing, culture, or certain circumstances in life, it may be that you have not been able to process some emotions.

As a whole food nutritionist, mental coach, and hormone trainer, our partner The Health Collab pays attention to all these areas when it comes to health. Eating differently and exercising more is of course important, but your genes, environment, and how you deal with stress also have a major influence. Our focus on hormonal imbalance ensures that we get the right information to work with you on the root cause instead of only symptoms.

A complete hormone-proof diet can significantly improve your health and how you feel, offer support and reduce your complaints. After the program, you will have insights into your behavior and knowledge about nutrition that contributes to your health.

Weight loss

Maybe you have already tried plenty of diets, but the weight comes back twice as fast afterward? This is physically and mentally exhausting.  Are you tired of it and do you want to get started with a healthy body and mind? We don’t like saying the word weight loss as it emphasized the notion that being thin equals beauty or health. Instead, we name it self-nurture and care. We focus on tasty and whole foods. We also look at your behavior around food and what you think about yourself.

Emotions are also a tool that often gets under-looked. We all have needs such as comfort, security, warmth, safety, and wanting to be seen or heard. We haven’t always learned to express these. Without realizing it, we start coping with these emotions using food. Eating or not eating can be a surrogate for what you are missing. This is where mental coaching comes in handy.

Also, to lose weight successfully, it is essential that your body gets enough nutrients. Food that nourishes, and ensures that you lose excess weight, get more energy, and feel better about yourself. If you understand where your eating behavior comes from and what function it has for you, you can truly take care of yourself. First mindset and behavioral changes, then come weight loss!


Our partner is a member of the BGN. You may be eligible for a (partial) reimbursement of the services provided through your additional health insurance. More information here.


How does it work?

1) Contact us first

Contact us by using the button below. This will redirect you to an e-mail. Tell us more about yourself and your situation. We will contact you in 48-72 hours to plan a meeting

2) First meeting

We always like to get acquainted over the phone for about 15 to 20 minutes. This way we both know whether there is a click and we can let you know immediately whether you have come to the right place. Our introductory meeting is free and of course completely without obligation. Please make an appointment using the button below. Make sure to provide us with your day/time calling preferences.

3) Official intake

If it’s a yes, then we will send you a list with a lot of questions. We would like the completed questionnaire in return before our first official 90-minute intake. We would like to know, among other things: 1) What are your expectations 2)What’s your diet and way of life 3) Whether you have stress-related complaints 4) Some family history and much more. That seems like a lot, but we will go into more detail during the intake.

4) Nutrition and lifestyle analysis

After the intake, we will make an extensive analysis that gives us the information to be able to guide you in the best way. We look at you as a whole and make an analysis of your diet and way of life, who you are, and how you feel. You can achieve sustainable behavioral changes by looking at the root causes of your complaints.

5) Let’s get to work

After the official intake, we have the first consultation where we’ll make a realistic plan of approach with achievable goals you can work with from home. We will also immediately schedule a follow-up meeting. Remember that this is not a typical meal plan with complicated rules or crazy restrictions. This is a journey where factoring in the latest nutrition science and your preferences, we will map out real, practical, and sustainable changes that will last for life. This is not a quick fix.

6) Follow-up and consultations

These are intended to help you know what is going well and what needs some more fine-tuning. In this way, we will be able to help you take control of your own health. The last consultation focuses on evaluating the achieved results. By then you will have knowledge and insight so that you can make responsible choices from now on.

Meet your nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist | The Health Collab

Bianca Cronie

Hello queen. I'm Bianca Cronie, the face behind The Health Collab. I am a natural nutritionist, mental coach and hormone coach specialized in successfully guiding people who want to improve their health through the use of whole foods. I want every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin at every stage of her life. I know, from my own experience, what the right nutrition can do for your physical and mental well-being. I will assist and support you so you can regain control of your health.

Why FitQueens?

Female & hormonal centered approach

You get the tools to make your own health conscious decisions

Holistic approach to nutrition

We focus on your preferences and cultural background

Focus on behaviour and mindset

Our training & nutrition coaches work together

Pricing Nutrition Only

To combine with fitness click here
  • 3 months journey
  • 340


  • 90-minutes intake

    5 consults of 45 minutes each

    *Journey can take 3 to 4 months

    ** Possibility to pay monthly

  • 6 months journey
  • 440


  • 90-minutes intake

    7 consults of 45 minutes each

    *Journey can take 6 to 7 months

    ** Possibility to pay monthly