I had this random thought today and I wanted to share it with you. I’ve noticed that when I ask someone how they are doing, the first thing they say is “I’m so busy and tired”. Over and over again the same answer. I get it, you are working full time or you started a new business or maybe you have a big project going on. I get that and that’s totally fine.

My problem is that I have this feeling as if being busy is THE way of life. As if it’s a gold medal or badge that embodies success and wealth. It seems that in today’s society, the more busy you are, the more successful you are. Having free time or having nothing to do is like a big no no. How weird is that? Nowadays it has come to a point that being tired all the time equals doing a good job. The funny thing is that I believed that too. I thought that the busier I was, the more successful I was too. Who needs sleep? Let’s just get the job done right?

As time passes by you learn new things. You realise that being busy all the time – to the point where you are always exhausted – just isn’t healthy. We have come to a point where we even feel guilty when taking a break and resting. We have to stop with this idea that rest is an hindrance to success. Don’t let this rush-hustle-busy- obsessed world push you to a point of forgetting about your health and breaking you.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in working hard to reach your goals, but I believe in planning too. Planning and creating time to work AND rest. Creating time to sleep well, eat healthy, drink enough water,  exercise and do things you love are key factors in keeping you healthy so you can reach your goals. You wouldn’t drive your car without gas right? Or you wouldn’t put the wrong gas in your car either.  So why don’t you take the same care of yourself as you take care of your car.  To function properly you need to find a balance. Work hard but first of all take care of yourself. Being busy and exhausted all the time doesn’t make you more interesting or more successful. It just makes you a tired person not reaching their full potential.

So that was my thought for today Queens. Work hard for your goals – that’s ok –  but put yourself and your health first. Nurture yourself first so you can be at your best.

What do you think? Do you agree? Let’s talk and comment below.

  • Sheri, November 5, 2019 Reply

    So true! Thanks for the reminder to be balanced and to make better decisions about taking care of myself… and giving me permission to tank up with rest, relaxation and fun.

    • Shirley, November 5, 2019 Reply

      You're very welcome Sheri. Much love 😍

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