As COVID-19 spreads we are taking additional safety measures to protect our Queens and  instructors. We will close our beloved FQ House until June 1st. In the meanwhile we will be working out online via Skype. We hope to see you there as well. Stay safe Queens <3

Are you thinking about joining our FQ Sisterhood? What about starting with our group classes? Our group workouts are short, engaging and challenging, fostering a non-intimidating and welcoming environment. We work according to the FQ philosophy which is all about positivity, inclusivity and collectivism. We seek only to encourage and empower. With us there is room for all levels of fitness, regardless of your age, goals or exercise background. No matter your workout of choice, we want you to feel good while reaching your goals.

We offer a variety of 30-45 minute classes which will have you utilizing major and minor muscle groups. We don’t  specialise in one fitness area, instead we incorporate as many as possible. We believe that each type of fitness has their benefits so we blend a couple types of exercise. Providing different types of workouts has its benefits such as:

  1. Making sure your body doesn’t get used to the same type of training
  2. An holistic approach to health
  3. There is a bigger chance for you to find what you actually love. This will make it easier for you to make it a lifestyle without seeing it as a burden
  4. You will not get bored easily

Our classes are for every level—whether you want high intensity or low impact classes, we’ve got the moves that will energise and tone you. We are able to adapt most of our classes in Spanish, Dutch, Papiamentu or English. We have a maximum of 8-10 participant for each class so we can make sure to give proper attention to our participants. This means that each time you will be properly guided and pushed to the max by our instructors.

So, Imagine going to a class you love and you’re surrounded by energetic people in a social atmosphere with people you actually know. The space itself is attractive and upscale. The class is led by an amazing instructor. They’re playing motivating music, and for 30 minutes, you’re pushed to your limits in a unique blend of fun, intensity, and camaraderie (and maybe — just maybe — a little group pain).

Our FitQueens boutique experience is intimate. it’s trendy, fun, intense, and you come out feeling like you performed at your peak with a little bit of euphoria you can carry with you for the rest of your day.



Trial class: ALWAYS ON US

Single class: €15

5 Classes card: €54

10 classes card: €102,50

15 classes card: €146,75

Membership: €49,95 per month





Encouraging And Positive Atmosphere

A very unique gym with an encouraging and positive atmosphere. The lessons are prepared thoughtfully and are very effective with special attention to technique and pushing yourself every time.

Vivian Lee

This is it for me! No need to look any further

Like most women I always struggled with my weight and confidence. I’ve never stuck on a diet or worked out for a long period. Nothing seemed to work. One day I was walking pass FQ house and saw a small sign and I was immediately drawn to it. I called the same day and was able to arrange a class to try out.

The first class was tough but amazing and I just loved the whole atmosphere. Being a part of such an empowering group with no judgements whatsoever was beyond amazing. I felt immediately confident and didn’t need to change anything about myself and just enjoyed the music and the work out!

The group is truly empowering. The girls are great and I always feel like I can draw some type of energy from my fellow QUEENS when I get a little bit tired during training. Very supportive group! This is it for me! No need to look any further.

Fartuun Ibrahim

Atmoshpere Is Cozy And Really Friendly

I love working with Shirley because she is full of life and joy; the classes are always fresh and exciting because she always comes up with new exercises to work out. Also the atmoshpere is cozy and really friendly – all the girls are speaking english to accomodate for my (temporary) lack of knowing dutch

Corina Zaharia

It Feels Like Personal Training

I’ve been training at FQ House for a while now and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I like the welcoming feeling that you get. Also there are some delicious healthy snacks that are to die for!!!The classes are mostly given in small groups, which kind of feels like personal training sessions

Lysian Martina

No Pressure Or Intimidating Feeling

Very friendly environment! No pressure or intimidating feeling. There’s always something new in every work out session, so never a dull moment!

Devina Parinding

The atmosphere is all about positivity and fun

Great place to workout and get fit. The atmosphere is all about positivity and fun!

Joanne Arduin

The Group Classes Are Amazing

A great place to work out. The classes are very diverse and with their own challenges. The small group gives
you the feel of a personal training session, however with the  fun, inspiration and motivation of the amazing ladies.
The nutrition plans are easy to follow and I don’t feel hungry. I’m thankful to FQ for providing me with the necessary
tools to work on my weight goal, getting healthy and continue to push me.
Cherylanne Pietersz

Motivational Environment

We work hard but in a pleasant and motivational environment!

Ivelies Constancia

You Don’t Feel Alone

I love the positive vibe of FQ House. You don’t feel alone during your workout because everyone motivates each other!

Dionne Felida

This Sisterhood Is Amazing

FQ House is a great place to work out. The exercises are challenging but there is always a modification depending on your fitness level. This sisterhood is amazing!

Fiorelle Petronilia



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