Hair products are only half the battle when it comes to growing healthy, strong curls. A lot of the time we focus on what goes on our hair rather than what goes into our bodies. A balanced diet packed with essential nutrients, enough water, exercise, an healthy lifestyle and how you manage stresswill provide your body with the tools it needs to grow the curls that you deserve.

Understanding how these factors influence hair growth is important for making healthy lifestyle choices. Instead of only treating your hair with topical treatments, let us help you take an holistic approach. An healthy diet, exercise, self-care, and natural hair products all work together to keep hair looking healthy and at its best.

So if you always wanted to learn the best way to take care of your hair from the inside out, then this 4-weeks Fit Curls Boot Camp is for you. Let us help you take charge of your health and the health of your curls.

Our special guest Monique Varlack, founder of Ami i Abo su Krul (Meaning Our Curls), will teach you more about:

  1. The right ways to take care of your curls
  2. Your porosity, elasticity, thickness and length
  3. Your type of curl
  4. Natural hair products and methods
  5. Hairstyles
  6. and much more

Shirley Bloem-Engelhardt, FitQueens founder, will teach you more about:

  1. The right food choices for overall health and hair growth
  2. Creative, easy and delicious recipes
  3. How to have an healthy relationship with food
  4. The proper ways to exercise
  5. and much more

Let us help you get to know your beautiful & natural hair and to take charge of your health

Package (€250) includes:

  1. Weekly 1-hour hair workshop
  2. Weekly 1-hour fitness boot camp
  3. Nutrition Plan (month) for overall health and hair growth
  4. Unlimited group fitness at FQ House (February only)
  5. Full size products goodie bag (all natural)
  6. Q&A about, hair, health and fitness
  7. WhatsApp group for extra motivation and/or questions
  8. Infused water
  9. One home made, vegan muffin after each workout
  10. Healthy snacks (Vegan options available)


Dates & Times:

Spring 2020 (Specific dates coming soon)


Payment Options:

In full or in 4 installments. Please Contact us.


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