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5 essential vitamins for autumn and winter
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5 essential vitamins for autumn and winter

Essential vitamins for autumn and winter

5 vitamins & supplements you should be drinking this autumn and winter. 

Vitamins and supplements supplement the diet but do not replace it. In other words, what you eat is the most critical factor. That said, we often don’t get enough vitamins through our food, or our body simply doesn’t produce enough of them. In this case, supplements and vitamins are a great add-on to our diets. Specific vitamins, for example, multivitamins, iron & magnesium, should be taken all year round. However, there are essential vitamins that you can’t miss as we head towards the autumn and winter months. 

Here are my 5 essential vitamins & supplements for autumn & winter


# 1 Probiotic

It starts in your gut! Your gut microbiome (all the bacteria in our gut) affects every aspect of our health. A large bulk of our immune system is actually housed in our gut. From mental health to immune health, having a healthy microbiome is essential to overall health. 

How to improve your gut health

To improve your gut health, always include food sources of probiotic bacteria in your diet. I normally try to incorporate fermented foods throughout the year, but during autumn and winter, I add extra fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut or kimchi and kombucha. If you’re not vegan, you can add quality fermented dairy products such as yogurt or kefir. 

That said, it’s not always possible to have access to these foods. If this is the case you can add a probiotic supplement such as this one brand from Sunwarrior:

#2 Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is known as the “sunshine” vitamin. It is the most natural form of vitamin D and in most cases, offers a better absorption when compared to vitamin D2. The body needs this vitamin to process calcium and incorporate it into the bones. It also strengthens the immune system. We normally get Vitamin D through sunlight, but we all know how dark it gets during winter (blegh! ). Supplementing vitamin D3 is a great idea. An even greater idea? Pairing vitamin D3 with K2. Vitamin K2 makes sure that calcium, goes to the bone instead of the arteries. In other words, vitamin D3 makes sure that the absorption of calcium happens while vitamin K2 guides the calcium into the bone where it belongs. A magnificent duo I must say!

Don’t forget to always pair Vitamin D3 with foods that are high in fats, like avocados, nuts, and seeds. These are particularly helpful in increasing the absorption of vitamin D into your bloodstream. I use this vegan one below from Virdian:

#3 B-complex

B vitamins play a critical role in supporting our body’s defense mechanism. It supports the body’s functions to work under healthier conditions. Vitamin B-complex is a combination of  B vitamins and each helps the body function efficiently and plays a vital role in your overall health. Vitamin B Complex can promote red blood cell growth, improve energy levels, ensure healthy brain function, aid digestion, and more.

If you often find yourself feeling sluggish and tired during winter, then you might be in need of a vitamin B-complex such as this one from Viridian:

#4 Vitamin C

First things first. Vitamin C does not prevent colds. It can, however, reduce the length and severity of symptoms. Therefore getting sufficient amounts of the vitamin is particularly important during winter when there is a spike in people suffering from a cold. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, protects against free radicals, and reduces oxidative stress. Besides vitamin C in its supplement form, it’s always necessary to have foods high in vitamin C stocked up. Think of fresh fruits like oranges, kiwi, strawberries, and cranberries. Green vegetables also contain high levels of this vitamin. Check out my favorite below from the brand Viridian:

#5 Omega 3 fatty acids

Last but certainly not least. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and lower the risk of diseases. They are also important for brain memory, performance, healthy skin, and behavioral functions. Deficiencies in these essential fatty acids can cause a number of problems, including fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, mood swings, and poor circulation. Often these symptoms tend to worsen during the long cold winter months. Check my favorite vegan omega 3 EPA & DHA below also from Viridian

Essential vitamins for autumn and winter

As always, everyone has different needs. This information is only for educative purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We always recommend first visiting your general practitioner for a blood test to specify what is actually needed. This information is also not a cure-all approach. A balanced life is necessary for optimal health. Think of a healthy diet, enough sleep, plenty of water intake, stress management, free time, and exercise.  If you find it difficult to work out during winter, please visit our sisterhood for an amazing workout. You can approach us for personal training, group fitness, or pre & postnatal fitness. 

Now tell me, is there any other vitamin that has worked well for you? Tell us below.

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