“During my own weight loss journey I had a really hard time staying fit, healthy and still enjoy the foods I like. My love for food goes deep and during my journey I never had someone to teach me that it’s okay to love food and to enjoy it. It felt like I was split in two: Being healthy or not being healthy, nothing in between. I was never able to enjoy food and be healthy at the same time. After gaining and losing weight time after time, I decided to stop with hardcore diets, and to focus on how to enjoy food without guilt and have balance in my life. During this journey I felt the need for a community where I was allowed to be myself and talk to other women going through the same. This is when Fit Queens was born. A sisterhood consisting of Queens, strong and amazing ladies empowering each other.

The FitQueens way (FQ Way) is all about being part of a sisterhood, positivity, inclusivity and collectivism. We seek only to encourage and empower. The FQ Way is a way of life. It is to realise that food is not the enemy and that it’s okay to love it. It is to develop the intuitive eater in you. Its is to listen to your body and enjoy food. The FQ Way is about true sisterhood, togetherness, positivity and emotional support and having fun. FitQueens is more than weight loss. We are an anti-diet culture that refuses to be defined by a number on a scale. We refuse to let nowadays diet culture define our identity and self worth. We are all about listening to our bodies, women standing together, empowering each other, learning from each other, having fun and getting healthy together as a sisterhood. The #FQWay is growth, satisfaction, happiness, self love, and enjoying all foods. It is not about the hours in the gym or the grams of carbs you eat.

We stand tall and proud in all that we are. We are FitQueens and this #TheFQWay ”


Shirley Bloem-Engelhardt

Founder FitQueens & FQ House

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