In a world where individualism is taking over, we as a community want to go towards collectivism. It is important to us to bond and be a community that can depend on each other. Besides the get togethers we normally have, we will now have extra events for our members. The goal is to have fun, learn new things, de-stress and bond in different settings. We will be having different subjects and this time the subject will be: “A Queen’s Crown. Everything about curls”


We live in a world that has embedded the idea in our brains that beautiful equals straight hair and ugly equals any other type of hair that is not straight. It is just unbelievable how we live in a society that prefers European standards of beauty; fair skin, slim build, silky straight locks. Kinky, coily, dry or course hair doesn’t fit that mould. Don’t get us wrong, all types of hair and skin colors are beautiful, but we say enough of making one type of beauty the standard.


This upcoming event will teach us everything there is to know about our beautiful natural hair. Our special guest Monique Varlack will bless us with a 4-hour workshop teaching us what type of hair we have, how to take care of it, what products to use and some styling tips . Paired up with wine, snacks and sweets, there is no doubt this event will be a success. Stay tuned for pictures to come.


If you’d like to participate in a similar event, check our FitCurls Boot Camp



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